Visitor Vagaries

An article three weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal pointed out how Honolulu was one of the very few major tourist destinations in the U.S. that had not yet seen a serious slippage in its tourism numbers- so far. Now we know that there is reason for concern about some light days and months ahead, but the fact that the international economy and the value of foreign currency against our dwindling dollar remains strong could keep 'em coming from Canada and Europe while the numbers from the west coast and inland stagnate or drop off.

A more limited number of airline seats to Hawaii and the rising costs of airfares are definite cause for worry for domestic arrivals, but local hotels have already begun to wisely offer incentives and better packages than in summers past. And now might be a great time for you to look at that kama'aina summer trip within the state, as the same ticket prices that make it tougher for people to consider coming here are also making it tougher for local folks to travel to the mainland.

If we do see a 4% drop in visitor arrivals this year, as was recently predicted, it would be on the heels of some of the best years ever for Hawaii tourism, so it really isn't all doom and gloom as long as the bottom doesn't drop out. Think about it...