Serial Burglar Who Held Up 'Lost' Actor at Gunpoint Sentenced

Maurice Arrisgado
Maurice Arrisgado
Josh Holloway
Josh Holloway
Kathy Shota
Kathy Shota

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- An Oahu man who went on a three-week crime spree, including breaking into 'Lost' actor Josh Holloway's home, received his punishment Tuesday.

Ruben Royce's sentence is longer than he's been alive. Many of the victims still haven't recovered from their terrifying ordeals.

Kathy Shota's elderly parents still live in fear, nearly three years after a stranger stormed into their Nuuanu home and terrorized them.

"The normal things that we take for granted, like going outside to get your mail or to get your newspaper or water your yard, that was very scary for them," the victims' daughter said.

Shota says her mother received injuries to her foot, as Ruben Royce fought his way in.

"They held the door for dear life," she said. "And they were just very fearful."

They weren't the only ones.

Prosecutors say the drug addict broke into half a dozen homes from Salt Lake to Hawaii Kai in less than three weeks. He fired a gun in one of the burglaries.

"It's just a horrible experience," Maurice Arrisgado, senior deputy prosecutor, said. "And it's just lucky nobody was killed."

'Lost' actor Josh Holloway and his wife were also robbed in their house at gunpoint. The case drew national attention.

"Sorry for the mistakes I made," Royce said in court. "I wish I could change it."

The judge sentences the 23-year-old to 30 years in prison, saying he committed a tidal wave of crime against our community.

"I don't think, in this day and age, you can say your home is your castle anymore because we're all very vulnerable to anybody who has a weapon and willing to bust into your house," Arrisgado said.

Royce will serve a mandatory minimum of 13 years and four months because he's a repeat offender. The judge also orders him to pay nearly $4,300 in restitution.