Former NFL Pro Bowler Steps in the Ring with Jose Canseco

Vai Sikahema
Vai Sikahema

NORTHEAST, Philadelphia (KHNL) -- He's a two time NFL pro-bowler.

His wife is from Kahuku, and he's the sports director at the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia.

And soon, Vai Sikahema can add boxer to that list -- as he prepares for a bout with former major leaguer Jose Canseco.

He was heavily recruited by the University of Hawaii, but he chose to play football at BYU, which eventually landed him a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

And though football's always been a passion for Vai Sikahema. Boxing's up there too.

"Boxing is about match ups, it's about styles, and he's a big and heavy, but I got something for him," said Sikahema.

And "him" is none other than former major leaguer Jose Canseco, whose name is almost synonymous with the steroids controversy. And Sikahema is quick to "poke" fun at his opponent.

"It's called kick butt, and here's what I want you to do, after the injections, I want you to lather some of this stuff on your ribs, and I'll take care of the tenderizing on July 12th."

Canseco has one obvious advantage over Sikahema. He's 6-5, 245 pounds, whereas Vai is 5-9, 210. Canseco's also a black belt martial artist.

"When's the last time anybody's seen a boxer beat a true martial artist, it doesn't happen, the martial artist always wins over the boxer," said Canseco.

Sikahema isn't the least bit intimidated though. In fact he thinks Canseco's size will be a disadvantage.

"Nobody fights at 6-4, he's gotta come down to about six foot, he's gotta crouch down and when he does, he will be in my wheelhouse."

Win or lose, Sikahema receives $5,000 for stepping into the ring.

The idea for the fight originally came from "Jose Canseco" as he's fallen on rough financial times, he challenged anybody to fight him and that's when "Vai" answered.

The bout takes place on Saturday -- July 12th -- in Atlantic City, both will wear head gear and use 14 ounce gloves.