Worker Killed in Construction Accident Remembered as Loving Father

Kawika Leopoldo
Kawika Leopoldo

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Hawaii's tight-knit construction industry is in mourning. A freak accident at a construction site in Honolulu left a cement worker dead Monday.

Straps on a construction crane dangle in the breeze, giving no hint as to what occurred moments earlier.

"Hard to talk," Kawika Leopoldo, victim's co-worker, said.

Workers are stunned, after long-time cement pump operator Greg Wong is killed at the Moana Vista condominium project on Kapiolani Boulevard.

"A great loving dad, always helping out, very dedicated to the company," Leopoldo described Wong. "It's sad. He's a good worker."

Witnesses tell police strong winds triggered a chain-reaction that ended when the boom on a cement pump hit Wong in the face, causing massive injuries.

"The crane was lifting something up," Lt. Bennett Martin, Honolulu Police Department, said. "And apparently, the wind caught a hold of it and hit the boom from the concrete pumper."

Co-workers say the 50-year-old was working side by side with his son at the time.

"He was working with his son. What was that relationship like?" this reporter asked.

"Oh, it's hard. It's tear jerking, very emotional," Leopoldo replied.

The president of American Standard Concrete Pumping does not want to talk on camera, but describes Wong as the best employee the company had.

"Very helpful man, help everybody out," Leopoldo said. "Greg Wong, I'm gonna miss you bruddah."

The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health office is investigating the industrial accident.