Young Brothers to Increase Fuel Price Adjustment

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Young Brothers will increase its Fuel Price Adjustment to 4.22% starting June 3, an increase of 2.78%.

Young Brothers officials say the increase is in response to fuel prices that have risen almost 44% since the company's last fuel adjustment in March.

"Three months ago, diesel was at $2.90 a gallon, now it's at $4.17," said Roy Catalani, vice president of Strategi Planning and Government Relations for Young Brothers.  "The rapid spike in fuel prices is driving the Fuel Price Adjustment."

Catalani added that the company will continue to streamline and improve its equipment and operations.

The 4.22% FPA will potentially add about 2-cents to the cost of shipping a 24-package case of saimin and about 1.5-cents for a case of 24 cans of juice.