Judo Champion Siblings Reach for Olympic Dream

Dr. Greg Chow
Dr. Greg Chow
Daniel Chow
Daniel Chow
Chrissy Chow
Chrissy Chow
Mindy Chow
Mindy Chow

NUUANU (KHNL) -- Every Olympic year, athletes and their families can only dream of having a chance to compete in the games.

But for one local family, it's not a dream.

All three of their children have a shot at representing the United States in the sport of Judo.

Daniel Chow is the reigning state Judo champion.

So is his sister Chrissy.

Their youngest sister Mindy is the reigning, Intermediate ILH Champion.

But this summer, they all hope to be Olympians.

"Daniel being the oldest, we had the highest hopes for him, and actually just a really pleasant surprise that his sisters made the Olympic trials this year," said Dr. Greg Chow, Daniel's father.

Only the top eight players in the country, in their weight class make it to the trials. Making their family accomplishment that much more impressive.

"I can't really remember a time when we haven't been going to practice every day," said Daniel Chow.

Practice makes perfect, but it doesn't hurt that Judo runs in the family. Mom and dad are their Judo Sensei, not to mention the fact mom is a former national champion and Pan Am games gold medalist.

"When I learned that my mom was in the world championships, I was so terrified, I just really want to live up to the name," said Mindy Chow.

However, the trio doesn't feel pressured to accomplish everything right away.

"Since we're still young, there's still time to achieve stuff," said Chrissy Chow.

All three know the road to Beijing is tough, but they've already put together a recipe for success.

"If we practice hard and just go out and try our best."

"Definitely have to stay focused."

"I have to believe in myself and believe that I can do this."

The trials run June 13th and 14th in Las Vegas. Only the winner of each division qualifies for the Beijing games.

We should also mention Mindy Swanson, also from the Hawaii Tenri Dojo will compete at the Olympic trials.