Running on Empty Can Cost More Repairs

Ashley Stanley
Ashley Stanley
Lenny Taylor
Lenny Taylor

KAIMUKI (KHNL) -- We're paying record prices at the pump, but even avoiding them can be a costly mistake.

There's probably one thing worse than being in this rush hour traffic and that's the prices you face when you fill up your gas tank.

But waiting until the last minute could leave you destined for some high dollar repairs.

Honolulu drivers are gambling with their gas.

"I wait until it's as late as possible to fill it up," said one driver.

"Right when it's on the last marker," said Ashley Stanley, another driver.

Ashley Stanley knows when she's on empty but like many drivers she still tries to avoid the ever-escalating prices.

"We kind of dread the fact that we have to spend all this money on gas it's outrageous right now," Stanley said.

Lenny Taylor says waiting too long to fill up can burn out your fuel pump. He's recently worked on 10-cars with the problem. And it's only increasing.

"We've got straps we've got hoses, we've got vacuum lines," said Taylor.

We're running past "E" but we still stretch the fumes even further. A mistake that may save you the hassle now but cost you up to $800 dollars in repairs.

"The fuel is a lubricant for the pump so if you run it out it could damage the pump," said Taylor. "It'll run hot it'll wreck gaskets it'll overheat. If you try and save pennies sometimes it will cost you more in the long run."

A costly consequence for drivers trying to squeak past the pumps cringing prices.

Technicians say the best advice is to keep your tank at least a quarter full at all times.

Even if you get lost, both you and your fuel pump can remain cool with the fact that you have enough gas to get around.