Local Theaters Roll Out Red Carpet for Sex and the City Fans

Janayhe Self
Janayhe Self
Taryn Meeks
Taryn Meeks

KAKAAKO (KHNL) -- Theaters are shining the Hollywood spotlight on Sex and the City, with hardcore fans celebrating the movie's debut.

At Ward 16 Theaters in Kakaako, fans packed the theater for an exclusive sold out private screening. It's the grand finale to an evening-long Sex and the City extravaganza.

It's a girl thing - cocktails, a catwalk, topped with New York City flair. The Sex and the City movie pre-party at Ward Warehouse drew the Carrie's, Charlotte's, Miranda's and Samantha's on the island.

"I'm Samantha because she stands for a very strong woman, very hard to find a right man to hold her down and tame her," said Janahye Self of Honolulu.

"I'm a Miranda because she's a Type A personality and she's a lawyer and I just graduated law school," said Taryn Meeks of Nuuanu.

"I think I'm Charlotte because I'm shy, more reserved and a little more traditional. I like the hand-written thank you notes," said Tara Dewyn of Kailua.

"I'm Carrie because I have really bad shopping problem and so does she," said Kate Garza of Kahala.

The event was all part of Friends in the City, hosted by The Place. Organizers say 100% of proceeds benefit two charities that support breast cancer and AIDS/HIV awareness and research.

"It goes to the Life Foundation as well as the Coleman Foundation," said Cora Spearman, the owner of The Place.

"Lovely here to support the place and everything that they're doing, the fashion show, the women, it's Sex and the City all the way," said Self.

Nearly 500 fans took part in the red carpet affair. Organizers say tickets sold out in one day. With a good cause, plus good company to share in the ups and downs of finding Mr. Right, fans say the Sex and the City hype is no mystery.

The owner of The Place is a huge Sex and the City fan. She recently lost her aunt to breast cancer, so she organized this event in memory of her.