Free Retina Screenings Help Identify Diabetes, Other Diseases

FORT SHAFTER (KHNL) -- There's so much you can learn about yourself from your eyes.

Military personnel and civilian workers received free retina screenings Friday. It happened at the Pacific Ocean Honolulu Health and Safety Day at Fort Shafter.

Project Vision, the group offering the scans, says the 10-minute process can help identify diabetes and other diseases, such as high-blood pressure and glaucoma.

"We have state-of-the-art technology inside of the van that allows the retina photos to be taken without any dilating drops," Dr. Clifton Otto, ophthalmologist, said. "And it's a very pleasant procedure."

Staff members take the photos back to their clinic, where ophthalmologists review them. Patients receive their results in about a week or two.

Project Vision says it sends its van to rural communities across Oahu.