Residents Upset Over Complex Management's Order

Donald Guerrero
Donald Guerrero
Supok Yamamoto
Supok Yamamoto

KALIHI (KHNL) -- A Kalihi apartment complex is ordering residents to pick up items around the entrances to their homes.

But residents are putting their foot down.

This is the Kapuna One Apartment building on North School Street.

Residents say the move infringes on their rights.

The majority of the Kapuna One Apartments are home to seniors. They were recently asked to take in everything near the entrances to their homes otherwise they could get kicked out.

Here at the Kapuna One Apartments, Donald Guerrero is probably the one of the few you might catch still watering plants. The majority of entrances are now empty after management mandated that everything be removed.

"They took away the car wash, they took away security cameras," said Guerrero.

And now management is taking away the option for residents to decorate their apartment entrances with things like plants, tables and chairs.

"This becomes very stay in your apartment, shut your mouth don't come out, we don't want to see you anymore," said Guerrero.

For others, it's not personal, it's physical. Residents say some just need a place for their older parents to rest.

"No chair, she sits down on the floor," said resident Supok Yamamoto. "This is a big problem on her body."

Residents say having plants on their lanais are relaxing and their right. Banning is management looking down on them, they say it's a form of control.

"If you allow senior citizens to be pushed around like this it won't stop here it will just keep on going," said Guerrero.

While they declined an interview, the complex's regional manager tell us the move was a matter of health and safety. He says the number of personal items around entrances was out of control and made the building look bad. He adds residents knew the risk of losing the privilege when signing their leases.

"Don't penalize the innocent because you have people you can't control," said Guerrero.

Despite that, most of the building's 160 apartment entrances are now bare, Donald says he'll continue to fight, taking the steps to make things right.

Residents have until Monday to clear everything from their entrances, if they don't they face a lease violation, which could lead to an eviction.