Drive the Same Rental Car on Two Islands

Tawana Nowlin
Tawana Nowlin

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Hawaii Superferry and rental car companies have taken a big hassle away. Rental car customers can now drive the same vehicle on two islands.

Tawana Nowlin of North Carolina and Lorraine Guidry of Dallas are all smiles as they complete their journey from Maui to Oahu. They're among the passengers who took their vehicles with them on the Alakai.

"We flew into Honolulu, and we planned ahead to go to Maui and looked on the web page and found the Superferry information," Nowlin said. "And they were very explicit about what to do to carry a rental car over."

The Hawaii Superferry says it signed agreements with several rental car companies to help customers travel seamlessly between Maui and Oahu. A person can enjoy driving on both islands, and only needs to check out the vehicle once.

"How convenient is that?" this reporter asked.

"It was really nice," Nowlin replied.

JN Car and Truck Rental says the option of taking rental vehicles off island helps its customers greatly.

"We deal a lot with commercial. We deal with local people and military," Susan Clines, rental manager, said. "The commercial people do jobs here, so they come in and they travel to other islands."

The Superferry expects to move more than 21,000 passengers and 5,800 vehicles this month.

Nowlin and Guidry are first-time visitors to Hawaii. They say they're thrilled about the opportunity to explore two islands from one car.

"Oh, we're having a fabulous time," Nowlin said, while laughing. "We'll be back as soon as we can."

Between now and June 5th, the Superferry is offering one-way fares of $39 per passenger and $55 per vehicle.