Students Learn Life Saving Skills

Alana Romualdo
Alana Romualdo
Annelise Gilbert
Annelise Gilbert

WAHIAWA (KHNL) -- It's one of the most valuable skills a student can learn and an entire middle school in Wahiawa gets a hands on lesson in saving lives.

Middle schoolers at Trinity Lutheran School pump the chest of their dummies in a lesson in saving lives.

Annelise Gilbert has seen it done before.

"When I was coming back from the Big Island a man fell off his motorcycle because it tripped or something and somebody tried to do CPR on him to see if he was responsive," she said.

Now, if Annelise is in a situation like that again she will know what to do.

"I learned that you are supposed to do it with thirty pushes and then two breaths, that for breathing your supposed to tilt the head back and pinch the nose," said 7th Grader Alana Romualdo.

"You put the hardest part your palm on the center of their chest and you push fairly hard, to make sure you pump the blood to their brain," Gilbert said.

Using a dummy helps make the situation more realistic. These kids learn how knowledge of CPR can help keep their teachers, friends, or families safe.

"In case you have an older grandparent or parent and they suddenly go into cardiac arrest, then it would be helpful because then you could save their life," Romualdo said.

"Over the summer I think I'm supposed to be babysitting so this would help if this was an emergency," Gilbert said.

Volunteers from the American Heart Association instruct the kids to dial 911 and begin heart compressions because CPR can double or triple the survival rate in victims of cardiac arrest.

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association encourages immediate action from bystanders when someone is in cardiac arrest.