Bittersweet Symphony

The Honolulu Symphony needs you. Sure, every donation helps, and last week's gift of $1.175-million is a wonderful eye-opener. But the Symphony could really use you, I mean your body. What the Symphony needs right now is for more people to attend its performances. This is not a charitable request, it's a bonafide opportunity to see and hear wonderful music being performed by the best of the best right here in Hawaii.

You should attend Honolulu Symphony events, whether classical, pop, or local music, not out of some sense of civic obligation or pity, but rather for the simple reason that you'll enjoy a great night of reasonably-priced entertainment that will certainly be fun, invigorating, stimulating, and might even be a great way to spend some time with your parents or your kids. If you've never seen the Honolulu Symphony in action, pick a concert or two and check it out- there is great diversity of musical choices upon which you can feast your ears and eyes.

Symphonies in many major markets are singing a bit of a financial sad song these days, but this is one local institution that just about everyone should be able to enjoy at one point or another each season. Sweet music, indeed. Think about it...