New Beverage Promotes Healthy Lifestyles for Kids

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- As childhood obesity continues to be a big problem across the country and here in Hawaii. One couple vows to fight it.

They've developed a new beverage to help kids lead healthier lifestyles.

It contains all natural ingredients, including vitamins and minerals.

And it was right here in Hawaii, where the idea began.

Eileen and Brian are on a mission to battle childhood obesity.

Their weapon is Nui Kid Water.

It comes in three colors: red, orange and purple.

"This is what we called functional water, an enhanced water where we only use fruit juice to sweeten it," said Eileen McHale, Nui co-founder.

What they don't use is highly processed sugars, one of the leading causes of obesity.

"We understand that there is an epidemic today and that epidemic is lacking activity and poor nutritious choices for kids so for us, it was really important for us to get healthy products on the market particularly in the beverage space for kids," McHale said.

Nui costs about $1.59 at natural food stores like Kale's and Down to Earth.

Nui means big or abundant in Hawaiian, but the name isn't the only thing that has a Hawaiian influence.

Students here on Oahu took part in the creative process.

"Waipahu High School helped us with the naming and product while we were also testing the flavors with them, they gave us great feedback and there's just some wonderful energy coming from the students there to help us with this," said Brian Machovian, Nui co-founder.

And while drinking plain old water may be the most important thing for a kid, the colors red, orange and purple are far more eye catching.

"Kids love flavorful colored drinks and this is a product that we know instead of drinking a soda, have a nui instead," said Machovian.

Honolulu pediatrician Galen Chock says just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for them. He asks that parents look at how many calories their kids are consuming.