Business Skills Academy - Honolulu

Business Skills Academy can provide training or retraining for your employees who work with your customers, such as phone handling or how to handle difficult customers. Business Skills Academy also offers training on etiquette in the workplace which includes dining etiquette. BSA offers training either on-site or in our classrooms.

Business Skills Academy is the only school in Hawaii that will train your employees on etiquette. We believe that business etiquette used by your employees when presenting themselves to your customers will enhance your company image as a professional company.

Soft Skills Training:

  • Phone Handling
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Work Ethics and Office Protocols
  • Business/Social and Dining Etiquette
  • Basic Skills - filing, message taking, and many other areas
  • Resume Preparation
  • Job Placement Assistance

This course is designed to teach mainly those who have recently graduated from high school or college. Business Skills Academy will teach you professionalism and business etiquette. These skills, once learned, will become life skills that when used will help you become more successful in any field or industry that you choose. All workers need to know these skills as these skills will enhance anyone's career.

Upon Graduation: Certificate of Professionalism:

You will receive your Certificate of Professionalism from Business Skills Academy upon completion of a comprehensive three-month course.

Business Skills Academy is the first school of its kind to teach soft skills that are necessary in any industry and who also will teach the importance of business etiquette, work ethics, and dining etiquette.

Upon graduation, you as a graduate, will become a professional person and your professionalism will keep you ahead in today's competitive workplace in any industry.

Job Placement Assistance:

For those graduates who need Job Placement Assistance, BSA will assist you with job placement services. Our goal is to help you make the transition from graduation to the workplace as quickly as possible. With your Certificate of Professionalism, you'll have all the tools necessary to present yourself professionally, so you can start a rewarding career immediately.

Business Skills Academy will always be here for you!

At BSA, we're committed to helping you as you enter the job market. With BSA's network of Hawaii's businesses we can assist you in exploring new career opportunities whenever you want.