One Day of Beauty

Ben Bugarin
Ben Bugarin

KAHALUU (KHNL) -- Memorial day is the busiest day of the year at a cemetery, but the day after is definitely the most beautiful.

Nestled in the Ko'olau mountains, one of Oahu's most beautiful parks comes to life. The Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is adorned with living beauty.

"It's very different from a normal day." said Ben Bugarin, the groundskeeper there for 28 years. "You can see so much flowers." He added, "It is amazing and very beautiful."

There are more than 60,000 plots at the park. On Memorial Day alone, an estimated twenty to twenty five thousand people walk through there, but 24 hours later, it is leterally like a ghost town.

The visitors leave behind more than a million flowers, adding to the parks beauty.

But it is only temporary, because in a few days, they'll all be gone.

The scorching heat from the sun will soon lay them to rest as well. That is when one of the busiest days of the year for the maintenance crew begins.

"My job in cleaning up this place, it's very rewarding, " said Bugarin.

Because he says, he sees the smiles on the visitors faces.

Soon truck loads of dried up flowers will be gathered from the hillside,

and rotting food left by loved ones will only feed the trash cans.

The parks new found beauty will disappear and the scent of fresh flowers will barely linger in the air until the last Monday of May next year, when the park comes to life again.