E-Bikes Gaining Popularity as Alternative Transportation

Henry Jiao
Henry Jiao

KAKAAKO (KHNL) -- Rising fuel costs and being environmentally friendly.

These two factors are making alternative vehicles increasingly popular. Gas prices are averaging $3.96 in Honolulu.

As prices creep higher and higher, people are more willing to try something different.

These look like mopeds, but are actually far from it.

"Exactly. Some of the people saying you selling mopeds," said Henry Jiao of Aloha E-Bike. "But this is no gas, no oil, no noise actually."

Henry Jiao is owner of Aloha E-Bike, distributor of these electric bikes.

Buying one costs between $700 to $1,500.

Running one costs cents.

"For example, this bike, this one has 750 watt battery," said Jiao. "You only need about 30 cents to charge it. Ride it for two days. basically, less than $5 per month."

Top speed on these bad boys range from 25 to 30 miles an hour. But how fast you wanna go, all depends on how much you wanna spend.

The cheaper, smaller bikes have smaller batteries, translating to less power.

The more expensive bikes -- bigger batteries and more power. But still convenient.

"Basically, you can take it out, if you live in a high rise. You can take it out, go to the room to charge it."

E-Bikes have been in Hawaii since early last year.

Jiao says sales have picked up in the last couple months.

And he expects sales -- like gas prices -- to continue to rise.

"One charge, take about 7 and a half hours, so you can ride two to three days, go work, back home," said Jiao. "So for general grocery pick up, to shopping around the neighborhood. So you don't need to drive your car anymore."

The downside -- it doesn't have the same power as mopeds.

But it is registered like one, so all you need is a moped registration and a regular drivers license to ride one.

And you don't need insurance.