Rising Food Prices Lead to Smaller Portions

Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores

IWILEI (KHNL) -- Rising food prices are leading to smaller portions.

And while you may notice some of the changes at restaurants, in other places the shrinkage may take you by surprise.

They're getting ready for a busy lunchtime crowd at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

But because of rising food prices, they are not only keeping an eye on the grill, they are keeping an eye on the portions as well.

"We tell our people be careful how much you serve, old days serve up a pound, and they serve 1.2 pound that's too much," said Eddie Flores, a restaurant owner. "So we want to make sure we control the quality and the portion."

Because everyone is suffering higher costs from fuel and food, local businesses are hard pressed to pass on the costs to consumers.

"This is the time we have to tighten our belt," said Flores.

Higher prices are the reason they're now offering less food, for less money. With their manini plate.

"I think it will appeal to a lot of people, people who can't afford it and people who don't eat a lot," Flores said.

But restaurants aren't the only place you'll see smaller portions. In fact, some companies are sneaking in smaller sizes into supermarkets.

Take this tub of margarine, think it's a pound? Think again. It's actually only 15 ounces. But it is the same size as other pound containers inside.

And there are a number of misleading products, this 1.75 quarts of ice cream that many are used to, is almost identical to the new 1.5 quart container.

Even these bars of soap, made just a little smaller inside, are actually packaged in bigger containers.

It saves the company a half an ounce per bar, but it costs you the same.

It can be very hard to tell the difference if the packaging is nearly the same.

So shoppers, it's a good idea to compare products and look at the fine print, to make sure they also contain the same amount inside.