Schofield Cemetery Memorial

SCHOFIELD (KHNL) -- The ceremony at the Schofield Barracks Post Cemetery may not be as crowded or as grand as the others, but it's just as important to the military and the family members who are buried there.

With a gentle kiss, and a heartfelt touch James Anguay's bride spends the day with her now gone, but not forgotten husband. He also leaves behind two kids and four grandchildren. He never knew all of them, but his daughter makes certain they all know him. She tells them stories of her dad, and teaches them why this day is so special.

"Everyday's memorial day for us, I guess, " said Riri Anguay-Samson. "Just remembering loved ones who have passed away that have served the country."

Her two young sons stand at attention and salute their papa. They learn he is just one of many being honored today.

At the Schofield Barracks Post Cemetery, countless families show up. Some have flowers with them, while others arrive with just heavy hearts and fond memories.

All come to honor their fallen servicemen at the only cemetery on a base in the state. It is one of just eleven cemeteries on a military installation across the entire country. 1700 people are buried here, and the first of them, almost a hundred years ago.

It was in 1912 when the first men here returned to their native soil. Now, 96 years later, men like James Anguay lay beside them.

They are men separated by nearly a century in age, but forever united by the love of their country.

"I feel proud of them - proud for defending the country and giving us this freedom that we have now," said Anguay's son Frankie. "That's the best thing we can do, is just come here and remember them."