Hundreds Enjoy Memorial Day at Kaneohe Bay

Meghan Statts
Meghan Statts

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- It's the place to be on on Memorial Day.

Hundreds ship-out to the Kaneohe Bay Sandbars to enjoy the day with family and friends. Last year's celebration was marred by fights, and an uncontrolled crowd.

The weather is perfect, the tide is right and the crowd is mellow on this Memorial Day. The Kaneohe Bay Sandbars have for years, attracted people looking to kick off the summer in the middle of the pacific ocean.

"Well, I've been going out there for 30 years and it's just relaxing it's great to have a different view of the island," said boater Dino Granito.

There have been complaints about people causing trouble in the past. This year, the Department of Land and Natural Resources brought in extra enforcement officers to make sure everyone enoys the day safely.

"We've had a lot of enforcement going on out there, so everybody is behaving themselves so, so far it's a success," Meghan Statts with the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

"It made me a little more relaxed. I've been out here when there were other situations this year we felt a lot more comfortable,' said Granito.

This year's crowd is much smaller than last year's, and a lot less rowdy. With the Memorial Day holiday coming to a close, DLNR officials so far are pleased with how everybody is looking out for one another.

"Definitely a safe one we're really glad and appreciative that everybody is following what the rules are and being safe out there having a great Memorial Day weekend," said Statts.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources have three vessels patrolling the sandbars.

Officials say no one has been arrested, making this a successful Memorial Day weekend.