Drivers Pumping Fists in Wrong Direction

Bob Moore
Bob Moore
Brock Macdonald
Brock Macdonald
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams

NIU VALLEY-- (KHNL)- Hawaii gas prices have zoomed to averages of four dollars a gallon and there's no signs of them slowing down.

AAA Hawaii calls this year record breaking when it comes to gas prices and that's fueling frustration with drivers.

But knowing where your money is going may help you funnel your frustration.

cringing, crippling, climbing gas prices.

"I think it's a ripoff for sure," said Vanessa Williams.

"Its insane why is gas so much higher here. The oil tankers got to come by here to get to the mainland and it's cheaper on the mainland than it is here and we have a refinery theres something going wrong," said Bob Moore.

Clerks say frustration is being focused on gas stations across the state.

but finding out where your money goes may help pump your fists in a different direction.

A petroleum marketers survey shows retailers aren't the ones reaping the benefits.

Let's say you pay four dollars for a gallon of gas. About half of it goes towards the price of crude oil. More than 20-percent towards refining distribution and marketing. And then there's taxes and credit card fees. The actual profit brought in by retailers like this Unocal 76 Station in Niu Valley, less than four cents per gallon.

Brock Macdonald's message is that 5-dollars a gallon for gas isn't too far off.

"These guys are getting the blame for it but its not their fault at all. It's the big money hiding the big money," said Brock Macdonald.

"Whoever is getting the money we need to know who that is because I don't know who it is," said Vanessa Williams.

While experts predict a drop in demand will help stall price tags from going up, drivers say they may soon be closing the door

on their normal routines. to somehow drive away their dependence on oil.

While not all drivers are willing to give up their cars, people i spoke to say they'll consider carpooling, biking to work, even taking a trip on the bus, unless they say the price for that goes up too.