A Message for Drivers During the Memorial Weekend

Jamie DeMatoff
Jamie DeMatoff
Leah Marx
Leah Marx

NORTH SHORE, OAHU (KHNL) -- First there is Memorial Day Weekend, then graduations. A time for celebrations but for far too many, it is also a time for tragedy on our roads.

This long holiday weekend got off to a deadly start. An early morning crash kills a man on Oahu's north shore.

At around 5:15 this morning, along a stretch of Kamehameha Highway, police say a 30 year-old man was speeding in a green Honda. Jamie DeMatoff lives near the site. Hearing the commotion, he came out and took graphic pictures just moments after the crash.

"Just seeing the devastation of what speed could actually do, it was heavy," said Haleiwa Resident Jamie DeMatoff.

Police estimate the car was going about 100 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour speed zone.

"As he was making the turn, apparently it might have looked like he hit some mud, the car kind of slid out and spun around, which the officer was saying, by the time it ended up there, it was in half," said DeMatoff.

Just down the road, toward Haleiwa, demonstrators wave signs urging people to drive safely. The Memorial Day Holiday is in full swing, and roads statewide are expected to be more crowded.

"Things like this do happen. We just want everyone to just plan ahead and so that there aren't more tragedies this weekend. We already had one and we don't want there to be anymore," said Demonstrator Leah Marx.

Over the past four years, DeMatoff has seen a lot of accidents on this highway. He's surprised there haven't been more.

"I thought there would be more accidents on Kamehameha Highway with all the speed," said DeMatoff.

With a little caution, patience, and consideration on the roads, accidents like these could be avoided.

Police say in 2 hours, they pulled over ten people for various traffic violations, including speeding.