Warning from Waianae Family That Lost Little Boy to Drunken Driving

Kamu Miles
Kamu Miles


WAIANAE (KHNL) -- It's a Memorial Day weekend message from a Waianae family that lost a three-year-old boy in a drunken driving crash.

It's the same message police try to grill into people who risk driving on the roads intoxicated. For the Miles family, it's a warning that hits home.

As loved ones said their final goodbyes to little Koa Paka Miles at Waianae Baptist Church on Friday, his father says he hopes his family's tragedy serves as a lesson learned to those who dare to get behind the wheel, under the influence.

"My son's life has painted a message for a lot of people out there. Drunk driving, you shouldn't do it at all," said Kamu Miles, Koa Paka's father.

The message comes as the Memorial Day weekend starts. Police say the holiday marks the beginning of the 101 deadliest days on our roadways.

"I wish there was more that could be done, I would like to see more programs implemented, things that could really have an effect on drunk drivers, because it's just killing the innocent," said James Adamson, a friend of the Miles family.

"As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain that Koa Paka's mom is feeling. To lose a child is totally unexpected at such a young age," said Susan Adamson, a friend of the Miles family.

It's a loss that could've been prevented. And one that police hope won't be repeated this holiday.

Honolulu police started setting up roadblocks and DUI checkpoints Friday at undisclosed locations. The extra enforcement will last through Labor Day.