High Gas Prices Also Affecting Boaters

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- Soaring gas prices aren't just frustrating drivers on land, boaters are starting to feel the crunch at the pumps.

Boaters head out to Kaneohe Bay to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sandbars.

Kevin Winchester of Kaneohe Ocean Sports would like to upgrade this 17-foot boat he uses to entertain visitors at the bay but gas prices have forced him to put those plans on hold

"We have to cut back in other areas because fuel costs are rising," said Winchester.

Most boats use non-ethanol gasoline. The price for a gallon at Heeia Pier, in Kaneohe Bay costs $4.80. For some, increased prices at the pump means less time in the water.

"Really slowed down, because even the diesel prices are ridiculous, and you can't do nothing about it,"said boater Joe Robinson.

Nathan Tadaki takes his boat out to Kaneohe Bay about once a week. Even though it's more expensive, it's hard to put a price on quality family time.

"When we fill up, we're paying a whole lot more now, so actually it kind of hurts your pockets when you fill up but you know, the kids want to go out into the water we want to be out in the water so, we just go anyways," said Tadaki.

Kaneohe Bay still has the beauty that has attracted many boaters over the years, but, it will be more expensive to see this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer.

"Even though the gas prices are high there will still have people out here going out in the water especially with the nice weather this week."

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the time when there is more boating traffic at Kaneohe Bay.

Officials from the Department of Land and Natural Resources believes this year will be no different.