Drivers Feeling the Pain at Gas Stations

KAHALA (KHNL) -- Some feel we're actually lucky, because gas prices in other countries are more than $8 a gallon.

Yeah lucky.

The U.S. ranks 108th in the world in gas prices.

But everyone is feeling every price increase.

Many are adjusting their driving patterns, but don't feel it's time to get a bus pass just yet.

Wherever you go, gas prices are setting record highs.

In Honolulu, average prices jump 2-cents overnight.

About 9-cents in a week.

And almost a quarter in a month.

"It's absolutely out of sight. It's impossible, unbelievable," said driver Tom Battaglia.

"Gosh, it seems like I pumped gas a week ago and it's up I would say close to 20 cents since the last time I pumped gas," said motorist Mike Carroll.

"It sucks," said driver Kim Delmore.

But it's a necessary evil.

So people are changing the way they drive.

"I certainly slow down," said Battaglia. "That's for sure. Keep my tires inflated. Put the proper gas. I'm down one level of gas, which is cheaper."

"I try to make my errands more at once, try to walk to places if it's near my house," said Delmore.

Some actually say Americans are fortunate, because gas prices across most of Europe is 8-bucks a gallon.

Drivers here hope prices don't get close to that.

"I think if it gets to $5, I think I'll get a bike. Some kind of a bike. Keep the car in the garage. Have to do that. I'm going to the poor house this way," said Battaglia.

"Yeah, unfortunately it's just something you need," said Delmore. "So you have to just budget, or re-budget, in other areas."

"I think as long as I can put gas in my car, and go surfing, and do the things that I wanna do, that's what it's all about, is being free," said Carroll.

And freedom is coming at a high price.

I spoke to one gas station manager.

She said there are many factors in gas prices -- if the station is independently owned versus corporate.


If the gas is on consignment or already paid for.

And when it was brought in.

So the key to getting gas a little cheaper -- luck.