Top 3 Stories on - Week of May 23

Top 3 Stories on - Week of May 23
#2: Kansas Church members Protest on Oahu
#2: Kansas Church members Protest on Oahu
#1: Families mourn loved ones
#1: Families mourn loved ones

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Family members mourned the deaths of loved ones, controversial Kansas Church members protest on Oahu and the Dog returns to television.  These are the most viewed stories on this week. ___________________________________________________________________________

Counting down number 3: Dog Returns to TV

"You learn that words, even one word, can hurt people's feelings," said Duane Chapman.

Dog the Bounty Hunter returns to television this summer after a long hiatus.

A&E yanked it from the network's lineup after a recorded conversation of Chapman using the "N" word surfaced.

Now more than eight months have passed, and Chapman says he made a mistake and is not afraid to admit it.


Number 2: Kansas Church Protest

"They have a right to do that," said an Oahu minister.  "Scripture tells us that we are to love those with whom we disagree."

They're considered the most controversial church in the country. Westboro Baptist Church has gained international attention for picketing funerals of gay people and military members.

Recently, members of the Kansas Church were in Hawaii, to protest at four of Oahu's biggest churches, and at three island military installations.

But Hawaii church members have kept their silence, saying they have a different philosophy when it comes to God.


And the number one story: Families Mourned Loved Ones

"This is a great loss, a great loss, Koapaka was a very happy child," said a grieving friend.

Two families are mourning the deaths of loved ones, following a violent two-car crash in leeward Oahu.

Police say a 27-year-old man who had been drinking, lost control of his speeding truck. It crossed the center line of Farrington highway and headed straight for a car, which was carrying three adults and two children.

The driver of the truck and a four year old boy were thrown from their vehicles. Both died at the scene.

And these are the top three stories on this week.