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Hawaii Football: The Last Recruiting Frontier

Tom Lemming Tom Lemming
Stanley Hasiak Stanley Hasiak
Manti Teo Manti Teo

By Jason Tang

Honolulu (KHNL)-- From the beginning, Warrior football head

coach Greg McMackin made it clear he wants to keep local prospects right here in Hawaii. Well, that task is about to get a lot harder thanks to the national exposure some of the top prep players will soon be getting. For college football recruiters on the west coast, a stop in the Islands is automatic, but soon, the same might be true for every football program in the country.

"When you talk about Honolulu football it's probably one of the most underrated parts of the county, and I think it's a gold mine, I think Hawaii coaches don't want people on the mainland to realize how talented it is," said Tom Lemming, editor of the Prep Football Report, widely regarded as the bible for college recruiting.

Lemming is here this week to put the local athletes on the radar.

"The last frontier in college football recruiting would be Hawaii because it takes an effort for the mainland schools to get here, they don't realize it's very rich in talent," said Lemming.

And the opportunities which could come from the national exposure have some of the top prospects raring to go.

"That's actually what i'm looking forward to," said Stanley Hasiak, a Kapolei lineman ranked in the top 15 in the country.

"I'd stay here on the Island, but i want to see what's out there for me and what other opportunities there are if I leave," said Hasiak.

Punahou linebacker Manti Teo isn't short of opportunities. He's one of the top recruits in the country, and so far he's received almost 30 scholarship offers from programs like USC and Notre Dame.

"My dad always said, the greatest part of the options is you can say no instead of always having to say yes," said Teo.

Something he hopes all Hawaii players will soon have as well.

Lemming also said he hopes to feature the football players in American Samoa in the near future.

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