Voggy Conditions Return

Ray Tanabe
Ray Tanabe

HAWAII (KHNL)  --  If you noticed the sky getting murkier, you're not alone.  The vog is back, and meteorologists say, it'll be here for most of the week.

The Honolulu skyline is getting a bit hazier recently.  That's because trade winds, typical this time of the year, have moved further south.

"And that's allowed southeast winds to impact the entire state," said Ray Tanabe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.  "And any time we have southeast winds, it's going to bring some of the volcanic emissions up and over the smaller islands."

But that's not the only thing polluting our air.

"In addition to that, any time we have light winds across the state as we do now, there's a lot of urban pollution mixed into that," said Tanabe.  "That can be anything from industrial sources to car emissions from traffic and things like that."

As Halema'uma'u crater continues to spew volcanic ash, the mixture of smoke and pollution continues to blanket our skyline.

Meteorologists predict voggy conditions will continue through Thursday.  Trade winds should come back Friday, and we should see light to moderate trades over the weekend.