Recovery Efforts Continue

Jian Ma
Jian Ma

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Chinese government now has a new plan to help the recovery effort and international aid is still flowing into the country.

Relief efforts remain in high gear, but finding more survivors among the miles of concrete rubble in the devastated towns and villages grow slimmer.

It's been nine days since the 7.9 earthquake ripped through central China, and the death toll is expected to top 50,000. Communication in and out of the area is minimal, so people who live here are trying to do whatever they can to get information.

Many have turned to the local chinese newspapers, while others rely on international news coverage. What they're learning today is that the Chinese government ordered state agencies to cut budgets by five percent across the board in order to raise $10 billion for reconstruction. China also has a plan to deal with the more than five million people left homeless from the quake.

For now, refugees are being encouraged to stay with relatives, and two million tents, plus more than a million portable buildings are on the way.

We are all learning that help from all over the world is needed.

"We Chinese, we are united to fight the disaster and we feel very sad about our people suffering in the earthquake and we're trying to do everything we can to help," said Jian Ma of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

In just the past week, the the group has collected more than $11,000 in donations from people looking for a way to help.

"They feel very sad and they feel very sympathetic for the sufferers and they want to donate what they can," said Ma.  "And also show their love and tell them they're not alone."