Consolidated Movie Intro Remains

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- When the country's largest theater chain bought out Consolidated Theaters two months ago, there was concern that a piece of Hawaii cinematic history would be lost forever.

But Reading International, the theater chain's new parent company, says it has a gem on it's hands, and for now, the famous trailer will stay right where it is.

It plays about 3,000 times everyday in theaters across the state.

and after more than two decades, the music, and the stars are more than recognizable.

Reggie Keaunui is the most prominent performer in the piece. He recalls seeing it with his infant son for the first time.

"I told him not to say anything." Keaunui said. "As soon as they started showing the clip, as soon as he recognized me, he said, 'that's my Dad' really loud in the theater and I just sank in my seat."

His son is now nineteen years old.

Keaunui was cast for the part by legendary music producer Jon de Mello.

"They were hand selected for everything from height and size, and the position and stuff like that." de Mello says.

The location near Sandy's beach and the Halona blow hole was also key - A place that depicted old hawaii where the elements of earth, ocean, wind, and fire all danced in one place.

Just like that big budget movie scene, the music also had to be grand .

and de Mello was perfect for the job.

"I said Ok what would you do, and you know, you would do the 20th century Fox, da da da... da da da da da da da da. This was the Hawaiian version of that in my head."

Today, we all recognize that tune -- not only in our heads, but forever in our hearts.