Company Donates New Sod to Elementary School

KALIHI (KHNL) -- There's a happy ending to the stolen grass story from a Kalihi school.

A donation by a sod company allows students to repair their mound, in just a day.

Southern Turf International donates enough grass to replace what was taken -- about $4,000 worth.

But the company's owner says the reward is worth so much more.

Students at Kaewai Elementary put the finishing touches on their newly repaired hula mound.

"I think it's beautiful. It looks better that when it was stolen and stuff," said 5th grader Jerrod Mose.

Last weekend, volunteers found about 20-sheets of grass missing -- a day after their inaugural may day performance on it.

The company that sold the sod heard about what happened, and donated enough grass to fix the mound.

"We did it because it is the right thing to do. and we know how hard the school had to work to get to that point, and just the fact that we could do it quickly was important to us," said Danny Green with Southern Turf International.

"When they told me that, I was ecstatic, because I wasn't expecting anything of that nature to come back to us," said Educational assistant Faith Flazer. "But we're very grateful, as you can see all of the children smiling here."

And these smiling faces are the only reward necessary.

"I think the heroes are the ones that really built all this, and put the effort to doing the project, and the kids are able to perform on that stage," said Green.  "It's really great."

A great ending to this story.

And a great lesson learned for these kids.

"That shows that there are people out there who have aloha, for things that happen like this," said Flazer.

"If we work hard, there's gonna be a good ending," said Mose.

Volunteers and students will maintain the mound.

They're going to water the grass and pull weeds regularly, keeping it pristine for future performances.