Thieves Steal Sod from Elementary School

Faith Flazer
Faith Flazer

KALIHI (KHNL) -- In just two nights, thieves ruin months of work at a Kalihi school.  They stole layers of sod from the newly built outdoor stage.

Faculty members say they're shocked that one -- someone stole grass.  And two -- someone stole it from a school.

They feel the worst for the kids who just enjoyed their new stage.

Last Friday is May Day at Kaewai Elementary School.

On their new outdoor grass stage.

It felt so cool," said Storm Lotomau, a fifth grader. "It felt like you were the star of the show."

"It was a nice stage," said Bryson Acidera, another fifth grader. "It was amazing, all covered with grass, and it was a big deal. Like you were on top of the mountain."

But that mountain came crashing down the next morning.

That's when school faculty came to find this -- about 15 squares of sod missing.

Another six went missing the next morning.

Actually, I had no words or any reaction," said Faith Flazer, an educational assistant. "I was just so stunned as to think that someone come here and do something like that."

Seven volunteers started building the stage at the start of the school year.

And just finished before the May Day program.

"It was really sad hearing that because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into that."

It cost about $4,000 to cover the mound in sod.

Volunteers estimate about a thousand dollars worth of sod was stolen.

But they say it's worth so much more.

"There's no price that you can put on something like that. Not only the time and effort that everyone put into, but it's also the aloha that we have for the kids here."

And these kids know what happened is wrong.

"Just try to give it back, and if you don't, just report yourself to the authorities."

The school filed a police report.

However, it's unlikely those responsible will be caught.

The volunteers say they will fix the mound -- for the kids sake.