Drivers Look For Ways to Go Green

Macarthur Wilson
Macarthur Wilson
Rick Ching
Rick Ching
Isiah Obrero-Zablan
Isiah Obrero-Zablan

MAPUNAPUNA (KHNL) -- Some drivers search for deals.  Others have found a way to pass by the pump less frequently.

We're all cringing at gas prices.

That's causing hybrids to accelerate past being a luxury to now a necessity.

Sifting through his selections for Macarthur Wilson is not about the color or console anymore. It's about savings with a hybrid. Sales at this dealership are up from last year by nearly 30%.

"There's the gas mileage and it's a green car and all that but the biggest motivating factor is the money," said Wilson.

With up to 50-miles per gallon the high efficiency hybrids combine gasoline engines with battery-powered electric motors.

"You get a lot of torque immediately from your electrical motor so they're very high performance," said Rick Ching of Servco Toyota.

But with performance there's price. A hybrid can cost up to $6,000 more than buying a gas powered car.

Let's say you buy this 2009 Camry hybrid and drive it 15,000 miles a year.

With an average savings of about $400 a year in gas, it will take you about seven years to break even.

For others, it's not about being mindful of money but being comfortable.

"It sucks that it's going up there, it's a need and I know a truck will eat more gas but that's the way I am."

Can hybrids bring you happiness? That's for you to decide but for this car buyer, it's a way to drive past dependence on gas leaving behind worries of watching the ever-escalating prices.

If you're like a lot of these drivers out here, you may have to wait to get your hands on a hybrid.

Depending on the color and options, you could be on a waiting list for a month.