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NOAA Announces Hurricane Estimate This Season

Jim Weyman Jim Weyman
Lieutenant Governor James 'Duke' Aiona Lieutenant Governor James 'Duke' Aiona

By Tracy Gladden

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration announces it's estimate for the number of hurricanes expected this season. The numbers are slightly below average. This year NOAA predicts three to four hurricanes will form in the central Pacific basin.

Jim Weyman of NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Center says "Just because it's a slightly below season doesn't mean we should be less prepared. We need to be prepared just like if I was forecasting a lot more because we never know when that one is going to hit us."

La Nina conditions may weaken and become neutral towards the end of summer resulting in a below average season.

Lieutenant Governor James 'Duke' Aiona says "The recent hurricane we saw in Myanmar as being a real important reminder to all of us of the destruction and devastation that a hurricane can cause on these islands."

In the event of a major hurricane striking Hawaii, it could take four to seven days to receive help from the federal government. Lieutenant Governor Aiona says if a hurricane hits, residents must be proactive instead of reactive. Make a family plan, pick a safe room in your home, and have a disaster supply kit, including caned food, bottled water and pet supplies.

"I look at the battle against a hurricane as being won right now, outside the hurricane season. And if we remember that then we'll be that much more ahead of the curve," Aiona said.

He says don't wait until the last minute to stock up on supplies. In an average season, four to five hurricanes form in the central Pacific basin.

Last year, two to three were predicted and the actual number of hurricanes was two.

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