Local Eatery Supports Plastic Free Haleiwa

Kelly Tsutsui
Kelly Tsutsui
Brad Vilgos
Brad Vilgos

HALEIWA (KHNL) -- In this Earth and Sea Project we take you to an eatery on the North Shore. Here you will find they are saving the environment one plate lunch at a time. When food for thought opened in November of last year, co-owner Kelly Tsutsui wanted everything from the forks and spoons, take out containers, and cups to be made out of biodegradable materials. She hopes other businesses in the community will catch on to this eco-friendly idea.

"When people know better, they do better and so we've gotten some great response and everyone is really realizing our impact especially since our landfill is full," said Kelly Tsutsui of Food for Thought.

Many of the compostable items are made from the remnants of sugar cane called bagasse. The forks and spoons are made out of potato starch and corn starch. It might cost a little bit more but for Kelly Tsutsui and her customers it just makes sense.

"It's pennies and it does add up but it's worth it and people understand it so if I have to pass the cost on to my consumers they don't mind," said Kelly Tsutsui.

"Basically you could do a lot for the ocean, for the environment just by doing your little part, you know as she is doing here with the business," said customer Brad Vilgos.

Kelly Tsutsui wants other eateries and restaurants to understand the importance of using compostable materials especially in Haleiwa.

"Being so close to the ocean we're really responsible for what people take from our restaurants and go to the beach with," said Kelly Tsutsui.

It's a small business in a small town making a big impact on the environment, and it's being done in Hawaii.

Plastic free Haleiwa is a group of community members looking to educate other businesses and restaurants in Haleiwa about the environmental benefits of going plastic free.