Hundreds Race in Honolulu Triathlon

Judy Weitz
Judy Weitz
Brian Fujioka
Brian Fujioka
Mario Ramos
Mario Ramos

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Swimming, cycling, and running.

For some, either one makes for a great workout. But for others, it's just not good enough unless you do all three.

Time to loosen up and get hyped. It's the 2008 Honolulu Triathlon.

"I'm ready to win my age group today," said Diana Black.

Hundreds jump in the water for a nearly one-mile swim around Ala Moana Beach Park, a 25-mile bike ride to the Arizona Memorial, and a 6-mile run around Kakaako.

"I did the Lanikai Triathlon, and I did one last week," said Judy Weitz. "So I'm just trying to improve my times, and go as fast as I can in each one."

"First time," said Mario Ramos. "Really nervous. Think I'm gonna throw up. So there's gonna be chumming in the water."

Different levels of experience and different methods to attack the course.

"Strategy for me is just don't blow up at the beginning and just finish strong," said Brian Fujioka.

"Pace yourself, and have a good time," said Black. "Be courteous to everyone, and enjoy the day."

"I'm really happy," said Luke Mckenzie, who won the men's elite division. "I've actually be concentrating on the longer distances this year, so to win a shorter race, I was actually a bit surprised. I'm really happy."

And so is everyone else who reaches the finish line.

"Anybody thinks they can't go out there and do it, just do it," said Ramos. "Go out there and have fun. you don't have to beat anybody else, just finish."

Mckenzie of Australia won the elite men's division with a time of 1:47.

Bree Wee from the Big Island won the elite women's division, with a time of 1:58.