Local Skaters Compete in International Competition

Kamu Kamohalii
Kamu Kamohalii
Daryl Kunishige
Daryl Kunishige
Austin Mendoza
Austin Mendoza

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a cross between the game of horse, and skateboarding. And this international contest makes its way to Honolulu.

It's called the game of skate. And dozens of local skaters are competing -- not only for bragging rights -- but also for a spot to compete with some of the best in the world.

Skaters warm up for a different kind of competition -- the game of skate.

"There's no creative tricks or anything, it's just flatland tricks," said Kamu Kamohalii.

"it's easier actually because, it's easier to land stuff on flat ground," said Daryl Kunishige.

The game is like horse in basketball. Skaters go head to head, trying to match each others tricks. Miss it, and get a letter, until you spell SKATE. There are many strategies.

"I wanna do all the easy tricks first before I skip to the hard ones," said Kunishige.

"I observe everyone's weakness, and mostly exploit it," said Kamohalii.

"I going try do ollies, shove its, kick flips," said Austin Mendoza.

"I going be doing kick flips, and then after that I'll be doing trey flips and stuff like that," said Kunishige.

The game of SKATE series runs in 60 cities in the US, and 50 more, in 25 countries around the world.

The winner at the Honolulu stop gets clothes, shoes, and a trip to California, to compete in the game of skate amateur world championships.

"Very tough because there's a lot of good people here," said Kamohalii. "Some of them are sponsored people, pros. so it's gonna be a very hard game."

The championships are scheduled for July 11 to 13.