Battleship Missouri Tours

Frank Litchfield
Frank Litchfield

ABOARD THE BATTLESHIP MISSOURI (KHNL) -- What makes a battleship a battleship, the weapons. Like these 5 inch guns which can fire a shell nine miles, or this c-whiz gun. It can fire 3000 rounds a minute at targets a mile away. The defensive harpoon anti-ship missle gun can take down a ship up to 76-miles away.

"It looks like it's capable of doing anything, which I think it's proved that in the past and a very intimidating ship", says Hawaii visitor Frank Litchfield.

The tour will include a look inside the area where 5 crew-men operated the firing of this massive weapon.

"We have no guns in the United States inventory that could do what this gun did, send a shell 30-thousand feet in the air, land exactly on a target 20-to-27 miles away, says tour guide Jim Jones.

"There would be little left of whatever this gun hits would make a hole about 20-foot deep, and 50-foot around... anything in there would be total anihilated, said Jones.

Jones hopes veterans will appreciate how children will be educated on the way wars were fought back in the day.

Jones said, "It's very special especially to the veterans and the children because they don't know what technology we had yesterday, they know about today's technology celebrating 10 years in Hawaii, after 5 decades of serving our country."