Passenger Recounts Moments Before, After Deadly Crash

Johnnett Steverson
Johnnett Steverson

NANAKULI (KHNL) -- Two families are mourning the deaths of loved ones, following a violent two-car crash in Leeward Oahu.

Johnnett Steverson was catching a ride home with the Miles family, when a truck crossed the center line and slammed into their car.

Mourners place flowers at the site where two people, including four-year-old Koapaka Miles, were killed.

"This is a great loss, a great loss," Steverson said through tears. "Koapaka was a very happy child."

Police say a 27-year-old man, who had been drinking, lost control of his speeding truck. It crossed the center line of Farrington Highway and headed straight for a Volkswagon Jetta, which was carrying Kamu and Erica Miles, their two children, and Steverson.

"All I could think was it will land on us, and it did," Steverson said. "It impacted us from the driver's side and it came very fast."

"It impacted so hard that it took Koapaka out with the impact," she continued. "You know, and what I want to say is the children were properly seat belted."

Koapaka and his booster seat landed in front of Fred Calleon's home.

"I lift it up and I saw a baby laying there," Calleon said. "And then the father came out. He was out (of the car) already and then he said, 'Where's my boy? Where's my boy?' And I said, 'Oh, bra, right here. Right here.'"

The truck continued on, plowing into two plumeria trees, hitting a wall, and crashing on top of a car parked in Cherylann Aholelei's driveway.

"It looked like to me like a car. I didn't know it was a black truck. It was completely flipped over," Aholelei said. "And there was a girl yelling for someone to help her to get out."

That woman, as well as four people in the Jetta, survived.

The driver of the truck was thrown onto the pavement, and died at the scene.

"They need to slow down, wear their seat belts," Aholelei said. "And please, don't drink and drive."

People who live in the area spend the day cleaning up, with the little boy on their minds.

"We were on a safe trip home," Steverson said through tears. "And we never made it home that way."

These are the 14th and 15th traffic fatalities on Oahu this year.