Hundreds Participate in Bike to Work Day

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Cyclists from around Oahu put on their spandex and riding gloves and meet downtown to celebrate Bike to Work Day.

Josiah Ives is one of hundreds of cyclists who participate in Bike to Work Day. He puts on his helmet, snaps in his riding shoes, and is good to go.

"It's the one thing I like about it is that I'm not at the mercy of traffic so I know it will take an hour to get in to work," Ives said.

He rides to work in downtown Honolulu from his home in Hawaii Kai, and some of his co-workers do the same.

Yuki Franklin works with Ives.

"We're a very active office, yeah and it's not only three guys it includes everybody," she said.

When you take a look around, more people then you might think are trading in car keys for bike shorts. Even KHNL News 8's news director.

"It's pretty good thing for them for the environment and also the pollution," Franklin said. "They show up in shirt and shorts and sweaty."

"I end up coming in to work and everybody just tolerates me being sweaty for a few minutes and I check some e-mails while my body adjusts and then I go and change and start the day," Ives said.

Sweaty or not, Ives says riding his bike to work is cost effective and a great stress reliever.

Bike to Work Day addresses the need for safe streets and educates drivers about bicycle safety.