Fundraiser to Help Kids After Parents Die in Murder Suicide

Blayne Dikito
Blayne Dikito
Bronlyn Dikito
Bronlyn Dikito
Talia Quiocho
Talia Quiocho

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - Four children from Leeward Oahu are trying to piece their life back together after losing their parents in a murder suicide.

To help them cope, Big City Diner is hosting a fundraiser, which will take place at all five of its locations, including the one at Ward Center.

Two of the children's' aunties work for the diner, so employees say the fundraiser is their way of taking care of their own.

The oldest is 18-years-old, and the youngest is eight. All four are forced to grow up fast after losing their mother and father to domestic violence.

"I was really close with my mom. I never thought this would happen to her. I mean she had a lot more time left. She was only 39 and I really miss her," said Blayne Dikito, the oldest of the four kids.

"It's kind of different thinking that my mom is not going to be home with us anymore," said daughter Brelynn Dikito.

Police say the children's father shot their mother, Della, and then turned the gun on himself. The force of the bullet was so strong, it pierced out of their Ewa Beach home and ripped through a neighbor's fence.

"The hardest part is not seeing my Mom and Dad anymore, like trying to live our own lives with no parents and stuff but then we have a lot of support at home," said daughter, Bronlyn Dikito.

For now, relatives are looking after the children.

"I haven't really had time to mourn because we've just been so busy with arrangements and I have to be strong. I don't have any time to mourn so it's tough," said the Dikito's cousin, Talia Quiocho.

With a $2600 mortgage plus other bills to pay, the Dikito's future is blurry.

But they say they are thankful for all the support from the community, which has helped them get through their loss day by day.

The Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center is taking care of this month's bills. But after that, the Dikito's must find other ways to make ends meet. That's why Big City Diner is stepping in.

The fundraiser is on Tuesday May 27th. 15% of customers' bills will benefit the children.