Inoue Headlines Historic MMA Fight

Egan Inoue
Egan Inoue

HONOLULU (KHNL)--Egan Inoue's done it all. Five world titles in mixed martial arts, two world championships in raquet ball and in Ju-Jitsu. But on Friday Inoue will do something he's never done before, fight in a locally produced MMA event live on pay per view.

"Hopefully with the pay per view, a lot more people can watch, and with pay per view you can order it and get 10 of your friends to pitch in," said Inoue.

Friday's big fight night at the Blaisdell arena also marks his comeback from retirement. It's a chance to reflect on the growth of the sport.

"From the time I started when you're lucky to fill up the arena, now you got paper view there's UFC shows, reality TV shows, I mean the sport has grown so big. It's being sanctioned, it's in Vegas it's everywhere. I mean MMA is kind of taking over," said Inoue.

But even though the times are changing, one thing isn't. Inoue's fighting for the fans right here in Hawai'i.

"Of course always for the fans of Hawaii that have backed me for so many years, and I really appreciate all that and hopefully I can put on a good show for the people of Hawaii," said Inoue.

This show is one Egan hopes fans won't miss, because not even he knows how much gas is left in his tank.

"I don't know if i'm going to do another one, and being 42, I don't know if I have much time."

Inoue is the main event on tomorrow's card. His opponent - Hans Morrero, a fighter out of Arizona is 19 years younger than him.