Road to Beijing Part IV

Shirley Yang
Shirley Yang

BEIJING, China (KHNL) -- People like to experience new places for a variety of reasons. The scenery, the culture, and in many cases, the food.

And few if any other places on earth offer the variety of food choices as China does.

It's something I recently learned first hand on the road to Beijing. From the Great Wall, to the Forbidden City, to Tiananmen Square, there are few places on earth that have a history as deep and as rich as China.

But modern day China has taken on a whole new flavor, and it has a distinctly American taste.

After more than 5,000 years of tradition, the American influence can be found on almost every street corner. From big macs and pizza to KFC, the Chinese diet is changing.

"Actually China is always improving and a lot of the younger people will always want to try all these new foods," said Beijing resident Shirley yang.

But if you really want to be daring with your diet, there's one place you won't anywhere else in the world. Day or night, come with us as we take you on a little walk down the Wang Fu Jin Snack Street.

From crickets and grasshoppers to silk worms and scorpions. If you want it, you'll find it here. From the basic, to the bizarre.

"You mean, what have we not eaten," one tourist said.

"I'm pretty game so I'll try anything," another tourist said.

"A lot of it is pretty good actually," said another tourist.

"Well, we found a noodle shop and that was probably the best meal we've had here in China," said a tourist.

"Well, there's a feast of everything and anything you might want to eat both inside and outside the animal. So it depends on how daring you are. How daring are you? (ha-ha-ha)

No, no thanks. Bon apetit, bon apetit," I said.