Pacific Endoscopy Center Opens

Dr. Yousif A-Rahim
Dr. Yousif A-Rahim

PEARL CITY (KHNL) -- A brand new medical center opens in Pearl City and offers convenient access to life saving tests. This is what a polyp looks like during a colonoscopy. If left untreated, the patient could develop colon cancer.

Dr. Yousif A-Rahim is the CEO of Pacific Endoscopy Center.

"It's the second most common cause of death from cancer for both men and women yet it's almost 100% preventable," he said.

A new patient friendly medical center wants to bring down the high rate of colon cancer deaths in Hawaii.

"We get about 765 cases of colon cancer per year and about a third of these patients will actually die within one year," A-Rahim said.

The $3 million Pacific Center offers convenient access to tests without a trip to the hospital. Advanced technology allows physicians at the center to perform a colonoscopy in less than an hour and a half. If a patient went to a hospital, it can take up to four hours to do the same.

This scope is fitted with high definition technology which allows doctors here in Hawaii for the first time to detect hard to find flat or depressed polyps which actually carry a higher risk of cancer.

"You have better resolution and better definition allowing you find these things that otherwise would be missed," A-Rahim said.

Doctors recommend patience have a colonoscopy when they hit 50 years old because they have a higher risk of developing polyps.