Can ConCon

The legislature and the governor's office are both looking to assess a possible constitutional convention. The last local con-con was held back in 1978, and it was a wild affair. But is was productive, as it brought about term limits, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and made numerous changes and additions to the state constitution that acknowledged that times change, and so must some practices or non-practices.

The governor's task force will include civic leaders and have general public forums to discuss matters germane to the actual convention itself, taking into account newer technology forms, including the internet and other video and audio opportunities, that might make this effort more open and more affordable.

Some who would simply preserve the status quo on everything for the next 30-years, will argue that such an initiative is a waste of time and money, but it sure seems that, from time to time, and as is required by the current Hawaii State Constitution every 10-year if the majority wants it, the people deserve a chance to see and hear what's working in 2008 and what might need some tweaking. We'll know more about these government studies during the summer. And, if can can, then ConCon. That's called good government. Think about it...