'The Dog' Returns to TV

Duane Chapman
Duane Chapman
Niger Innis
Niger Innis
Dan Silberman
Dan Silberman

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- "Dog the Bounty Hunter" returns to television this summer after a long hiatus.

The show's star Duane Chapman says he learned a very important lesson from the controversy that forced the show to be pulled from the air.

"You learn that words, even one word, can hurt people's feelings," he said.

He's referring to the inappropriate "n-word" he used when referring to his son's African American girlfriend.

When word got out, the A&E Network, where Chapman's show aired halted production and yanked it form their line up.

Now, more than eight months have passed, and Chapman says he made a mistake and is not afraid to admit it.

"I went to someone who could guide me and help me to fix that," he said.  "You don't say the word no more and you get past it, but let's not ever forget it.  That's a terrible word and that's that."

One of the first African American groups to criticize Chapman for the his comments, is today, one of his biggest supporters.

"A mutual friend of ours and the Chapmans reached out to us and said, 'What you hear about this man, what you've seen, is not a full representation of who he is,'" said Niger Innis, a spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality.

Innis says he trusted in this third party and decided to meet and get to know Chapman. He says the Chapman he met is not only a friend today, but one of the best people to promote racial equality.

"He's a loving human being that loves all mankind and that before this incident, and now heightened even further even more, sees it as his moral mission to promote racial harmony," said Innis.

The A&E Network couldn't be happier.

"We've been inundated with e-mails from fans from around the country and around the world, just begging us to bring 'Dog' back," said Dan Silberman, A&E's vice president of publicity.  "They recognize the good work he's done over his career and they've been just literally dying to have him back on the air."

The fifth season of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" will consist of 26 episodes.  The show hits the air on Wednesday July 16th.