Fish Mystery Solved

Howard Unebasami
Howard Unebasami

KULIOUOU (KHNL) -- We've traced back where the dozens of dead koi that were dumped in Hawaii Kai came from.

After dead koi washed up on a popular beach, people started pointing the finger at a neighborhood breeder. Who admits they were his fish, stolen from his home in Kuliouou.

The tranquil nature of raising koi helps many relax. It works for Howard Unebasami, who is crazy about koi.

"This is my passion, my hobby, something I am 100 percent into, I dedicate myself to it." says the 65 year old.

This award winning fish breeder's back yard is filled with tanks, pumps and pipes, all for the fish. All of which went in before his new home is even finished.

Howard is so passionate about koi, instead of a pool, he is putting in a cement pond that he hopes will be filled with his most prized koi when it is finished.

That is why this weekend's theft of 120 of his fish from this tank was such a shock.

He noticed the fish were gone Sunday and thought he'd never see them again, but he did.

"Monday i went to eat at Zippys, got the paper opened it up and said 'there's my fish!'"

$80,000 worth of prized koi were taken.

Thieves snuck away with the big catch because Howard's property doesn't have a back fence...yet.

"This one was a big hit, a real hurt, this one broke my heart a little."

It hurt so much that his koi were taken, that he didn't even bother to save the talapia in the water, because he couldn't even look at the mostly empty tanks.

He raises the fish hoping to one day, breed that perfect koi in his pond.

"I don't sell koi, I just give it away, if anybody wanted they just ask me."

Howard has given away hundreds of koi, just to help spread interest in this hobby.

and that is why this theft is so ironic. Because howard, who loves his koi so very much, would have handed them over.

"If they had asked me I would have given it to them."

Howard says the thieves probably didn't know how to take care of the fish, and the koi quickly died. Which was why they were dumped.

As far as his home, he's installing security systems to make sure his remaining fish are safe.