Joint Task Force Practice Hurricane Preparedness Exercise

Colonel Ed Toy
Colonel Ed Toy

FORD ISLAND (KHNL) -- As a new hurricane season approaches, military officials practice relief efforts in case a Class four Hurricane hits the islands.

Hurricane season is just around the corner, but before it starts on June 1, the military conducts a hurricane preparedness exercise.

"For this particular exercise, Makani Pahili, it's a month long exercise and really the executive agent for it, is the state of Hawaii," Colonel Ed Toy said.

A temporary command post set up on Ford Island is ground zero for the military's response and recovery effort after a hurricane hits Oahu.

"Roads would be severed, critical power, utilities would probably be severed as well," Toy said.

The multi-agency joint task force includes 300 people who participate in the annual exercise.

"Efforts across all agencies DOD included really damage assessment is the priority with life saving operations," Toy said.

Military participants set up generators and reconnect communications with a tactical satellite. There are sixteen of them in Hawaii.

"A Category four Hurricane is a significant event for the state of Hawaii especially when it crosses the most populous island in the Hawaiian island chain."

Toy says the military's first action, if that happens, is to assess hurricane damage, save lives, and help in recovery efforts.

Next week, the State will hold it's own exercise because all emergency response measure start at the local level.