Hawaii Responds to China Crisis

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The death toll continues to climb in Central China after yesterdays massive earthquake.

More than 12,000 are feared dead, and at least that many are said to be missing.

Much of the devastated region is in remote parts of Central China.

Boulders and trees block the roadways, making it difficult for rescue crews to get in and help. Thousands of soldiers spent countless hours hiking into the region. They found thousands dead, and many more homeless. Buildings are reduced to rubble, and very little information is available for loved ones living in different parts of the world, including here in Hawaii.

June Wu of Honolulu was finally able to make contact with her family, but she's afraid that the countless aftershocks could pose more danger.

Wu said, "I talk with my mother, we need to have one flashlight and a helmet underneath your bed. That's what everybody talk. That's saving your life."

Hoan Lai of Kaimuki says, "I think Chinese people over here should do whatever they can to get some relief for the victims of the earth quake in China."

The Hawaii Red Cross is already organizing help, and urges people who live here to contribute.

The organizations CEO Coralie Chun Matayoshi says, "The thing that is most urgently needed is money." She adds, "And that's so that food and supplies and things can be purchased." Because she says, "It's much more economical to be able to get the money, to buy it near the area so that you don't have the transportation costs and the storage costs."

To make a donation, call the Hawaii Red cross at 739-8109, or visit the national organization's website on the link found on this page.