Rail Reality Redux

A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon, or rather the possible fixed rail apparatus, to throw in their two cents about rapid transit and fixed rail. To be or not to be? That was the question, and most people probably thought that we were beyond that point. But now we have groups wondering if this enterprise should even take place, jockeying is on-going for where the line or lines might actually run, and the ever-present question remains over what type of system should be approved, again.

One City councilman interviewed on our news said about the technology, and I quote: "What's going on with the City Council, on one level who the heck knows? I am a City Councilman and I have no idea." Well, that's re-assuring, at least we know these folks have no clue. I was getting worried that they might be ready to make a decision, understanding that no solution is ever going to be deemed perfect and infallible.  It often seems like when it comes to the whole rapid transit issue, the engine is not moving.

There are now more questions unanswered than before the data was presented. Who knows where it will end up- literally, since we still don't know if the station plans include Kapolei, the airport, UH, Waikiki, etc. Steel wheels, new deals, the public reels, it would all be quite riveting if it were just a TV soap opera. But it's not. Think about it...